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Longevity of the ST220

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Now I know a car will only last as well as it is looked after.

However I'm talking about now using my ST220 as a daily which adds up to 300ish miles a week, yes this is going to be adding up to alot of miles annually but why not enjoy the car for what it is?

Now onto my overall question

I know these engines are pretty bombproof and I know about the odd issues to look into below

1. Camshaft Caps working loose
2. Rocker Covers leaking

Keeping up a to oil changes myself seems pretty easy, try to do at least every 10k. If anyone wants to add, appreciated.

With body work and chassis I know the dreaded rust can be an enemy, but I'm currently working on each arch with wire brush, paint and wax oiling for prolonged life.

Apologies, if this as been covered but if anyone knows bits to look out for it would be greatly appreciated as I would like to enjoy my mondog for quite a few years to come and to see how far it could go is quite intriguing.




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I am in the same boat as you, got a panther black estate with 159K being used as a daily, but not to the extent of miles yours will be 😳

Im definitely all for driving rather than storing these kinda cars.....I am not in it to make money from down the line......definitely getting that good feeling from it 😁

My estate had a rust hole next to the boot catch pin, which is well hidden by plastic. Water was leaking through boot handle onto the locking mech, and pooling in the area for some time.

Bottom of doors suffer badly, all mine needed brushing down, treating and painting.

The water pump impellar is plastic in these, and beware of the metal impellar ones from eBay, they dont fit properly, and foul on the back of the water pump.

Ive not had to do any major engine work yet, but the suspension wishbones Ive changed.
The rear bushes on the wishbone, if the bolts are the correct orientation ( nut down ) the subframe needs to be dropped to get the bolts out.

Also, the bushes are liquid filled (oil of some sort) and can split



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Tracking can be an issue and cause some pretty drastic tyre wear.


Maybe think about getting it checked once a year or every two years. 

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Thanks chaps