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  1. Videos
    Love the front end in shiny black :bow:
  2. Engine, Exhaust and Induction
    Evening all, Just thinking about de'cating the 220, though I have heard some very mixed reviews. One has said it's not worth it as they have Sports Cat's anyway? Emissions is another problem Noise and Rasp is another Have just recently replaced both Flexi's as they were pretty much had it...
  3. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Which, in your personal opinion, look better?Mk2 Hatch15.00%Mk2 Saloon15.00%Mk2 Estate00.00%Pre-facelift Mk3 Hatch210.00%Pre-facelift Mk3 Saloon15.00%Pre-facelift Mk3 Estate15.00%Post-facelift Mk3 Hatch315.00%Post-facelift Mk3 Saloon15.00%Post-facelift Mk3 Estate210.00%Don't care, I love them...
1-3 of 3 Results