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  1. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Morning, Just added to the family of ST's with this rather tidy ST220 with all the Extra's and only 66,000 on the clock. Had to trick the missus into thinking it's really a 2ltr :facepalm: and to make things worse just added Bluefin onto it! :lol: Only had it a couple of weeks and it's...
  2. ECU Remapping & Software
    Hello all, I've just bought another Superchips Bluefin Programmer from good ole FleaBay for us as a club to use. To be honest I couldn't pass it up for £36 including postage as this is how I originally Bluefin'd mine and it worked out a lot cheaper and I'm more than happy with the results...
  3. ECU Remapping & Software
    Morning all, Well last night I uploaded the 2nd Remap to the ST and tested it today on the 26 mile run this morning to work. All I can say is :censored: me! what a complete difference. Before it was a standard 'Custom' map, however I'd completely forgot to even mention the Mod's, so my fault...
1-3 of 3 Results