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  1. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi everyone, I've been browsing your forum for a bit information and thought I'd introduce myself and my ST220. I bought the Mondeo a week ago, it's my first Ford and I'm very impressed. I owned an Espace V6 and loved the rush of the engine, well, until one of the head gaskets popped taking the...
  2. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi There, I'm Frenchwood (Martin to some...) I'm from the East Mids (Nottingham) and I have recently become the owner of a 'W' plate Mondeo ST24 Estate after running my 04 Laguna DCI Estate into the ground (172k miles)! I'm also the owner of a highly modified 220Bhp+ 'V' plate Vectra V6 (which...
1-2 of 2 Results