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  1. Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Hey! I'm new and hoped you lovely people might be able to help. My R plate ST24 V6 has an issue which I believe to be electrical :/ Basically, I drove it home from work (was used daily) parked it up, went out the next morning to find it was dead, nothing happening at all apart from the radio was...
  2. New User Introductions and Greetings
    hi there today I purched a mondeo st 200 but I picked it up in the daytime and gone to drive it at night and noticed the headlights were flickering can anyone help me on how to stop it please much appreciated Craig
  3. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    I have a 2006 mondy st tdci with 175000 mimes on, engine is good but body work has seen better days, I love this car and have bought a 2007 version. The problem is with the amount of miles on the car should I he looking to sell or break the car, the car has prev been repaired (front end) and is...
  4. Site Help and Suggestions
    Is there anyone out there who can put an automatic gearbox into an ST220 or ST Tdci ? The reason is I had a stroke some years ago and I have falling in love with the ST220. I currently own a Mondeo MK 1 2.5 Ghia x Auto Saloon. Steve
1-4 of 4 Results