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  1. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi everyone in new here, just bought my ST estate the other day and seeing if there's many of these ones around as if never seen one this colour where I am!? 😃 Need some advice aswell! Got some white/blue smoke and rough idle on morning start up, literally for about 5-10 seconds and once...
  2. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hello folks just purchased myself a 2006 ST TDCI so thought I would join up and say hi Will upload a picture when i get a chance to take one when it isnt dark. :woohoo:
  3. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hello all from north korea! well huddersfield really.. Not much to tell about me its all about cars with me. previous cars > xr2 turbo techincs xr2 2.0 mondeo engine 4 other mk2's r5 gt turbo (more blown head gaskets than gordon ramsey ) s1 rs turbo ( more rust than the titanic ) mg zs...
  4. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi Guys & Girls new member recently bought a 2007 '56 plate Mondeo ST TDCI in Silver with 83k on the clock and a Parrot MKi9000 kit other than that it was totally standard except a Cobra Sport Exhaust. had it for about 2 weeks now and loving it. Been on the Rollers at Area52 Autosport at...
  5. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Evening all just joined the site after seeing the club sticker on the side of a blue ST on the A12 tonight if your out there fella that is a very clean ST. I'm the proud owner of a 2005 black ST220 god what a machine :)
  6. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi all. On the market for ST220 as I am working close to home, for a change. Any help any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Stu
1-6 of 6 Results