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  1. ECU Remapping & Software
    Guys and Gals, We are a dealer for Elite Remaps and provide a nationwide mobile remapping service with competitive prices. 1 Year warranty on all maps
  2. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Not sure if in the right topic. Looking for some help/advice. Done some performance upgrades and been on a rolling road before and after at AMD in Essex and the results are far from expected. Below is the timeline; Installed pipercross panel filter, rolling road result- 225HP. Milltek catback...
  3. ECU Remapping & Software
    Hello all, I've just bought another Superchips Bluefin Programmer from good ole FleaBay for us as a club to use. To be honest I couldn't pass it up for £36 including postage as this is how I originally Bluefin'd mine and it worked out a lot cheaper and I'm more than happy with the results...
  4. ECU Remapping & Software
    Morning all, Well last night I uploaded the 2nd Remap to the ST and tested it today on the 26 mile run this morning to work. All I can say is :censored: me! what a complete difference. Before it was a standard 'Custom' map, however I'd completely forgot to even mention the Mod's, so my fault...
  5. ECU Remapping & Software
    Hey all, Stumbled upon this not so long back and thought it would be useful to us. Rolling Road Register (UK) Some have good/bad reports but we could make use for our own personal experiences. Most of these will do remapping as well. Cheers Admin, could we make this a sticky?
1-5 of 5 Results