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  1. North West
    Hi Fellow North-Westians! Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations our way for a decent Ford Specialist that has had a lot to do with ST220's. Essentially I want to visit someone who has worked on these a lot and ask if I've gone and bought myself a shed or if it's worth putting some...
  2. Servicing and Maintenance
    The mondeo I have has minimal service history and receipts with it. It drives spot on and has been hovering around 50-54mpg so guessing it is running right also. For peace of mind, I'd like to give it a service. The car has covered 175k, nearer 176k now. What shall I go with? Oil Oil...
  3. Servicing and Maintenance
    I have done a few bits to the car that has made it seemed more refined since i bought it my mods include: forge hoses intercooler decat full stainless exhaust remap Hybrid Turbo K&N panel filter i was just wondering what people habe done to make the engine seem more refined? i must say some...
1-3 of 3 Results