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  1. General Chat
    Hi all, can I ask a question on this site pls,, paul
  2. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Come across this sticker on the side of my engine, now I'm guessing its not very important as its a sticker.. But what is it and what is the 001 for? ST TDCi 2.2
  3. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi everyone in new here, just bought my ST estate the other day and seeing if there's many of these ones around as if never seen one this colour where I am!? 😃 Need some advice aswell! Got some white/blue smoke and rough idle on morning start up, literally for about 5-10 seconds and once...
  4. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    So having had the Mondeo over 6 months now, I can certainly say its a great car. Since starting driving in 2007, I've ploughed my way through the following cars: Clio 1.2 (not bad for Ā£500, sold for Ā£500) Polo 1.4 (low and slow) Stilo 1.9 JTD Sporting (horrendous) Bora 1.4 16v (very slow) Clio...
  5. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
  6. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hello! Previously had a fiesta st, long story short somebody pulled out from a junction and wrote my car off, had a little look around and found a nice 02 plate panther black mondeo ST220! Car has done 69k miles, new clutch at 64k, leathers good condition, last service at 62k, recent oil +...
  7. Custom | Unique Project Work
    So thought I'd start a thread just to keep abit of progress track really. I swapped my 2nd Clio 182 which I bought shortly after Christmas for this a few weeks ago. I've put nearly 1000 miles on it already with a combination of trips here there, a trip to Northumberland for my Cousins wedding...
  8. Servicing and Maintenance
    The mondeo I have has minimal service history and receipts with it. It drives spot on and has been hovering around 50-54mpg so guessing it is running right also. For peace of mind, I'd like to give it a service. The car has covered 175k, nearer 176k now. What shall I go with? Oil Oil...
  9. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi all Picked up a ST TDCI the other weekend over a swap with my Clio 182. ST TDCI by James Green, on Flickr Needs a few niggles sorting and tidy up but all in all its a great car. Doesn't seem to be moving much from 50mpg on the clocks with the mileage I do. Great car so far, loving it...
  10. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Morning, Just added to the family of ST's with this rather tidy ST220 with all the Extra's and only 66,000 on the clock. Had to trick the missus into thinking it's really a 2ltr :facepalm: and to make things worse just added Bluefin onto it! :lol: Only had it a couple of weeks and it's...
  11. Interior | Exterior Bodywork & Styling
    hi, well my cars not going to be on the road for awhile but my standard st wheels are mentally doing my head in i just cant make my damb mind up lol so i was thinking diamond cut and then realized how pricey it is around here .... so then i thought maybe a grey type colour like anthercite? (i...
  12. New User Introductions and Greetings
    James Preston 25. Come over from FiestaSTOC. I currently own this: Fiesta ST180 Detail 051 by CJGREENphoto, on Flickr Looking to change to an ST TDCI Estate to save some money and gain some loading space. Just waiting to hear off the independant dealer on if its a goer or not.
  13. Custom | Unique Project Work
    Thought I'd start a build thread for my ST tdci, with my previous modded car I waited till I'd done a load of stuff and my first few posts took ages to write up Here's a link to my previous car if anyone's interested...
  14. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Which, in your personal opinion, look better?Mk2 Hatch15.00%Mk2 Saloon15.00%Mk2 Estate00.00%Pre-facelift Mk3 Hatch210.00%Pre-facelift Mk3 Saloon15.00%Pre-facelift Mk3 Estate15.00%Post-facelift Mk3 Hatch315.00%Post-facelift Mk3 Saloon15.00%Post-facelift Mk3 Estate210.00%Don't care, I love them...
  15. Brakes, Wheels, Tyres | Steering and Suspension
    I have a question, are the front and rear shocks on the st24 the same as on a normal MK2? I'm thinking of a time saving but making a set of lowered struts complete with MK3 brake upgradeand lowered springs then just doing a straight swap. saves the car being off the road for more than a day. So...
  16. General Chat
    today i saw a 62 plate focus st today..... why dont the mondy have a 62 plate st? or am i wrong?
  17. Custom | Unique Project Work
    i spottred this on fleabay and wondered about a general concensus about how it might look on my in replacement of the standard V6 badges on the wings.... Some opinions would be greatly appriciated guys...
    st v6
  18. General Chat
    found this on ebay, not sure what too makle of it...... bargain or avoid at all cost? what do you lot think?
  19. General Chat
    Hello i thought i should start an official post for santapod 2013, until i have thge final details sorted out. So far after speaking too the staff at santapod again, it was suggested that firstly i get a list of possible attendees, they need 10 minimum so if i can get 20 maybes i can arrange it...
  20. Was It You... Mondeo ST Spotters
    ST220 spotted on M11 at about 1pm today, reg EJ53 HVH ( i think) and then spotted an st24 on dartford bridge at anout 1.40pm reg s18 sks..... does anyone know either??
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