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  1. ST TDCI first car.

    Here's my first car Lowered on eibachs 40mm rear 30mm front Subwoofer dual 12' edge subwoofer Exhaust Custom welded stainless steel cat back system with back box delete
  2. Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Hey everyone. I joined this forum site just after buying my Mk3 '06 Mondeo ST TDCi 5dr hatch. I love it. Great car, good looking with lots of character. Just a tad expensive to insure! Lol Anyway, I have a couple of little niggles that I need help with. I'm hoping someone here, brighter than...
  3. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    Well my name is gregg and I have been in here a while now. The day after I got my sttdci home I had surgery. Then the day I could finally drive it an the EGR went :-( so I owned the car 5/6 weeks before I could properly drive it. Lucky though I am fully fixed and working and so is the car. I am...
1-3 of 3 Results