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  1. New User Introductions and Greetings
    Hi everyone, Just saying hi and introducing myself and my beloved ST220...... I purchased the car in 2011 as a 2 owner, original and standard car (except for a Miltek exhaust which i fitted) - this is how it has / will remain.. 2003 Panther Black, Pre-Face Lift, Saloon ST220 with personalised...
  2. Mondeo ST Related Discussion
    So having had the Mondeo over 6 months now, I can certainly say its a great car. Since starting driving in 2007, I've ploughed my way through the following cars: Clio 1.2 (not bad for £500, sold for £500) Polo 1.4 (low and slow) Stilo 1.9 JTD Sporting (horrendous) Bora 1.4 16v (very slow) Clio...
  3. Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Since my MOT I have noticed that on the initial start into idle the revs don't settle they just steadily drop to stall. this is cured after a minute or two of touching the throttle. I initially thought it was there the throttle cable had been tied back during the mot, so I resituated allowing...
  4. Custom | Unique Project Work
    i spottred this on fleabay and wondered about a general concensus about how it might look on my in replacement of the standard V6 badges on the wings.... Some opinions would be greatly appriciated guys...
    st v6
  5. Custom | Unique Project Work
    hello all, i think this is the right place, i am planning a few modifications and reasons to to why, i have been researching a bit into optimal power gains within an ST24 so far have discovered that the following changes have to be made : Replace UIM with ST200 UIM Replace LIM with ST200 LIM...
  6. Faults, Problems and Solutions
    not sure if this is the right section but i noticed this hole earlier and wondered if anyone knows whats missing.......
  7. Photos
    I thought i would mess about with one of the camera apps i have on my WP7 phone and come up with some rather nice pics i do think, even if i do say myself
  8. Faults, Problems and Solutions
    i have had my car 2weeks now, and have been noticing two things, one is the moosing which i know i can clear up, either the stop cap way or replacing the UIM(which i'm going to do before the remap anyway) and two is a 'burning' smell after i have been driving, its not too strong or over...
  9. Faults, Problems and Solutions
    Am considering an engine swap to get my ST200 back on the road and wondered if there was any differences in the wiring loom between the ST200 V6, ST24 V6 and the Ghia X V6 or the mk3 2.5 V6?
  10. Service and Maintenance
    Disconnect the fuel lines using the method described in the Haynes manual. This is where the 2 bits of hose come in handy. What myself and Paul discovered is this is a fiddly job but hopefully this method will save you time. Use the engines dip stick to put a bit of oil on the pipe. Cable tie...
1-10 of 10 Results