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.....doing the same thing SUBARU did a few months back and getting a world record?

All we need is about 1,800 MONDEO'S all in one place at the same time.

I have come up with the idea of doing the FORD oval badge (blue and white) using approx 1000 cars, and then using the other 800 spelling out "feel the difference"

All that is needed is enough people within the specified FORD MONDEO range and a suitable place to take on this mamouth task!

I was also thinking it could be for a group of good causes, my local one for instance is the Essex Air Ambulance.

The SUBARU one raised THOUSANDS of pounds, im sure that all of us FORD owners can do better than they did and beat their record!!!

Been in talks with the people at FORD dunton and they think it is a worthy cause, so come on all and give me some input on what you all think.
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