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So. Gonna make a project thread here mostly for input and help from you guys, but also so I can keep track and force myself into finishing. I have never done anything like this before. I picked up welding at home two years ago.

Short: I am gonna put the 3.0 duratec 200ps into the backseat of a Fiesta ST. I am gonna use the 6 spd.

Donor car is a Mondeo Ghia wagon, 250 000 KMs.
Uhm the reciving car hasent been bought yet :(

New oilpump OEM
New waterpump OEM
Timing chain w tensioners OEM
New rod bearings
MLS headgasket
New gaskets all around
VAG pencil coils
New starter
Antislush oil pickup into the pan

LUK OEM clutch kit. Plate and disc
Lighter racing flywheel
New input bearing shaft bearing
Welded diff
New clutch cylinder OEM
New oil seals on both sides of "exit shaft"
New left and right CV joints with drive shafts
Oilcooler with pump

Walbro 5xx in tank pump
1:1 regulator
40 liter fuel cell
Homemade fuel rail (not yet sure about this one)
550cc Bosch Injectors

Holset turbo, think it was HX40 comp. Twin entry.
Home made manifold - and I havent decided on tubular or just a straight from each bank. Welding is fun but I dont wanna make it a 10 year project. Titanium mufflers and exit.
MaxxECU standalone and maxxecu electrical relay and fuse central.
Lifepo4 Li battery 6.6kg 85aH. (Left over from my M2c)
AC removed. servo removed.
I might do the 12V power steering pump from Focus but havent decided on that yet either.
Bosch electrical valve with electrical gas pedal.

Brakes, rims, chassi mods etc. is so long in the future so I am not even gonna waste time on thinking about that yet.

Current status is: engine on mount with valve covers off, oil pan is still on car. Gearbox just got put together.

Yeah, pictures.
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Never welded aluminium before so welding cast was fun, not. Current situation on intake is I am making a clean bead run so it can easier weld into the adapter for the throttle valve(i really dont remember the english name for it) Throttle body maybe?
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