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Good Day All,

We have been in long discussions with the Ford Fair Organisers with regards to our club stand at Ford Fair 2012.

We have been told that this year, due to a change in the show logistics management team at Future Publishing (The organisers at Ford Fair show and various media publications). Club Stands for the show will be allocated on a 'first come, first serve' basis this year.

In previous years, we were able as a club specify a 'ball-park' number of tickets, and the planners would allocate us a stand to suit our needs. This year this will sadly not be the case. The organisers have taken this stance, due to the increased level of online car communities, and have done this to ensure that nobody looses out in getting to display their club.

Where you guys come into this:
As our club has grown to be the size it is today, it is important that for health and safety reasons & even more importantly; your enjoyment on the day, that our club secures a good 'pitch' and that this pitch suits out needs as a club without risk of us being placed out of the actual show arena & away from all of the fun due to our club's size.

In order to achieve the above, what we need is to be able to place our order for our pitch & show tickets by the end of April 2012.

So what we have decided to do is to pull the current closing date for tickets forward from June 2012 and enable you all to purchase tickets up until the 27th April 2012.

Once the above date passes, Club Stand Tickets will no longer be able to be purchased from the club. Whilst we realise there will be a number of people join between April & August, there is little we can do about that due to the above. There are always people who purchase tickets, and cannot go for whatever reason, so for sale threads with people selling the rights to their ticket will appear.

We trust you all understand this matter, this still gives you roughly 3 Pay months between now and then to purchase your ticket.

Please be aware that only the Driver ticket need be bought through our club by this date.

We can provide you with the facility to order your passenger ticket(s) up to the 27th April 2012 for these to be included in your order of your Driver ticket / Stand Pass.

Passenger tickets may also be purchased after this date either directly from the future publishing ford fair site ( or these can also be bought at the gate on the day at a higher on the day price.

If anyone needs any further information, then please don't hesitate to contact myself or a member of site staff for further information.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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