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Mondeo De-Lock

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It's easy to de-lock the Mondeo. First off order up a rear o/s bezel(FINIS 1451783). It comes supplied in primer so it's time to get the paint out, once painted you should have this :-

To remove the original bezel open the drivers door, inside near the door handle is a small rubber plug, take that out and you will see one TORX screw, SLACKEN this off and the original bezel can now be removed. Comparing the two there are some plastic lugs that foul the lock so these need to be taken off........

Slot the new one in,re-tighten the TORX screw, pop the plug back in and your done! One de-locked Mondeo
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hi, i dont suppose you have the finis code for the bezel with the chrome trim by any chance? mines got the chrome and would look a bit out of place with a standard one


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