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Hello all .. I am new here and need some advice. I had a hit and run on my st24... I'm very upset as I have had it 10.5 years from new,,,, I have had to fit a new front bumper , 2 head lights, grill , Bonnet and spot lights....
The wings are now slightly out of line... The car still drives straight so no problem there.... How can I get the wings back straight ? They are not dented or scratched...Just slightly over to the left... When I close the bonnet there is a gap on the drivers side of about 5mm at the top (by wind screen) and 15mm at the bottom (by head light)... On the passenger side it is not as bad,, but there is a gap now between the door and wing !!!!
Can I remove the wings and try to re-aline with a rubber mallet ?... It is like the top part of the wings have shifted....
Also my air con has stopped working
Please help........!!!

Apart from this the car is in very good nick with full service history and still drives like new, so I do not want to get rid of it..

Thank you Martin
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