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My name is Gary and i live with my wife and two kids in a town called Berkhamsted in Herts. We recently added our Mondeo ST24 Saloon to the family. Thought it was a bargain for only £600 with 82k on the clock nearly full service history 10 months mot and 6 months tax! On picking up the car from Maidstone Kent I took it on a long test drive and the car instanlty put a smile on my face. Oil level was good although a bit dirty and also water level was as it should be. I noticed a minor tick from the engine when warm whick i put down to tapets! Bet you can guess where this is going! Drove the car 95% home with no problems at all and then i noticed the engine temp had shot up as i began to enter town traffic. I also noticed that ''minor ticking'' had developed into a somewhat louder ticking!. I managed to get the car home and next day took it to a local garage who performed a head gasket check.................................. I was not amused with the result.

Garage said they were not interested in even quoting on the repair! I decided to have a new engine fitted at a cost of £1300. Although this looks expensive I have been told the engine is on 68K and as the fitted it they will give me 12 months warrenty and the price includes a new clutch. I supplied them with a new thermostat and metal water pump. I am due to collect the car tomorrow morning is there anything i should look out for other than ticking?

I really hope i made the right decision on fitting a new engine and not just scrapping the car!
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