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Hi all,

I have been around the Ford scene for the last few years particularly with my Fiesta and was a member of both Fiesta STOC (yes, I know it's not an ST lol ) and UKFN.

I have also had a few Escort XR3i's and settled down with my Pride and Joy Orion which is currently being stripped and rebuilt/re engined (2.0 Zetec, bodies or supercharger to be decided!)

And then I strayed into the German side of life

This is my daily drive. Its an 06 S Line 2.0tdi with 10 speaker Bose, parking senors etc. It's a great car and to be honest I don't really want to push it on so soon (Only owned it since november!) but on the flipside I have around £3k worth of student debt and with the way everything is at the moment I have decided to sell it on, pay off the debt and get back into mainstream Ford ownership.

Sooo... to the Mondy!

I am looking for something along the lines of a TDCi hatch (I have to often do some big miles and like the torque) looking about I have pretty much decided that i'm after:

- A Performance Blue 6 speed (are they all 6 speed?)
- Full Recaro leather

- Auto Lights/Wipers (standard?)
- Cruise Control
- Less than 65k

And that's about it! Oh, I would prefer facelift but condition is more important in honesty, a bonus would be parking sensors or Xenon...

I have a budget up to £7.5k and £8k at an absolute push, but then the whole point is to try and be debt free.
Does anybody have any advise as to what these are like to drive/live with or knows of a decent one for sale anywhere let me know. Or, if you fancy a part X, I have essentially been offered £11k by a dealer so if you can offer me a minty ST Derv and £3k it's yours!



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I just brought an Ink blue one from a dealer!

It has:

- Full leather heated electric Recaro's
- Cruise Control
- Powerfold Mirrors with puddle lights
- Automatic Headlamps and Wipers
- Touchscreen Sat Nav
- 6 CD Multi changer in the boot
- Parking Sensors
- Original mats

Full Ford service history, bill of sale, original guide book etc. 68k on the clock and I paid £7,650

I will post some pics up in a bit, already colour coded the washers and fitted flat wipers and new jacking point covers (which I painted up and cable tied the little sods on from the underside!

Bit quiet on here at the moment!

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ive just purchased one...........bit late now looking at your posting date but i paid 9500 from main dealer. 07 with 58k on. was the dealer principles car from new, all service history and new registration by the same dealer. im not sure if its worth that as me and the mrs went out looking for a ghia tdci with 90 odd k on but got messed about with so many others we decided to visit a dealer we had used a few times before. unfornunately for my bank balance, the mrs saw the st and now the said balance is history. nice car tho, as i type ive had it a week and ave cons is 52 ish and performance for a weesal is me anyway!. my normal drive is a vectra dti !. no regrets so far but time will tell eh ?. regards dave.
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