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Satnav removal - advice!?!

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Hi there,

I am looking to buy a mondeo ST TDCI and the one i am looking at has the sat nav system, which also controls the climate control. does anyone know if its possible to remove the stereo and just add a control panel for the climate control? i know that they do the mondeo with a panel on the lower spec models.....

any ideas anyone?!

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I can't be of any help I'm afraid, but may I ask why you would like to remove the sat nav?
You can remove the Sat Nav and fit a 'normal' radio unit, whether Ford or aftermarket.

You will need to change the centre dash console, the facia that houses the clock, hazard and screen switches (its larger than the std item) add in a climate control module and if fitting an aftermarket radio, you will need a facia adapter and loom conversion lead.

If you do decide to remove the Sat Nav, remove the boot trim to gain access to the DVD Rom, and REMOVE the sat nav disc before you disconnect the Nav touchscreen.

Hope this helps
sounds expensive but if you do remove it all are you going to sell it if so give me a shout
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