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Hi all,
I work in Bridgend engine plant on the PAG(Premier automotive group) line where a meeting was held today, and was told that the SI6 Engine we build is to go in two new Ford cars in 2009.
Problem is that they didnt tell us what cars they were to go in, but they did tell us that the plant which is having them is Genk in Belgium. And here comes the best bit.......One off the cars they build in this plant are the Mondeo, along with the Galaxy and S-Max but sadly no Focus

Bearing in mind though, these SI6 engines come in a 6 cylinder 3.2 naturally aspirated engine which pumps out 235bhp, and the other is a 3.0 turbocharged engine which comes in two versions: light-pressure (LPT) or high-pressure (HPT).
The LPT pumps out 285bhp and 295lb torque, while the HPT pumps out 350bhp and 332lb torque!!
This straight six SI6 engine can be mounted transversely for front wheel drive applications or longitudinally for rear wheel drive.
Although the Focus is not produced in Belgium, it is in Germany though, and I would imagine logistics of this engine would be easily transported to there if required???
As I said, I have not been told what cars they are to go in so I can only speculate!! But this 3.0 turbo sounds like its got a bit to much mustard under the hood for a family orienated Glaxy or S-Max!!!??

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Hi daisbury,

Thanks for the update that's really interesting to hear!

Based on the new Mondeo alreay offering a 2.5T 220PS I'd guess they'd need to be making a new ST version with more poke than the 3.2 235bhp.

Perhaps the 3.0T is a promising bet... based on the weight of the Mondeo, a 285bhp model sounds about right to me..... bring it on!!
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