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Fitted 6 x DENSO Iridium spark plugs (ZT20EPR11) (5084)
Spark plug gap = 1.1mm with these spark plugs.
WOW car starts super easily now.
Feels like car has gained 20BHP, well glad i fitted these type.
Car accelerates really well now.
Should give more MPG if driven normally too.
(They are cheap on ebay (dubious pattern parts), which I avoided).
I bought them through a reputable car parts supplier Opieoils.(Bit more expensife but at least you know you are getting genuine parts) and im only doing this job once.
Very happy ST220 owner :)

The next spark plug up has Iriduim centre pin (like the spark plugs above) and a platinuim pin welded to the ground electrode. Bit worried this might fall off and go into the engine damaging bores or rings, So I avoided this type.


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