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General description of and Location of the vacume hoses.
Any leaks in these hoses will cause you problems.

1) Brake power assist. Solid black pipe which pushes into the top of the inlet manifold.
(adds power to your braking). Some times the rubber seal goes inside the fitting).
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The next two pipes come off the inlet manifold (location UNDER the inlet manifold on the right hand side.(Two metal 90 deg elbo's SEE red arrows below)
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The two vacume 90 deg elbo outlets on the under side of the inlet manifold.

(Remove top of air box and the big air inlet rubber tube and you will then see them).
Note:- the big rubber air inlet hose has two pipes going into it at right angles, these feed fresh air into the top of the cam covers and forms part of the crank air ventulation circulation path,(AIR IN).
There is another big rubber hose which goes into the inlet manifold (at the back).

2)Vacume hose which goes to the fuel regulater (Round unit with an air pipe going out the side)
The rubber pipe comes off the inlet manifold, then via a delicate red plastic pipe (covered in black protecter) then into a black rubber elbo and then into the round unit, mounted on the fuel rail.
(Round unit is a fuel regulator/cut off unit, i guess)
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I noticed something VERY weird today! the black rubber pipe clamps onto the ridged ribbed plastic protecter which has a seam cut line all the way down it, with the RED plastic pipe inside.
The Fact the rubber pipe clamps onto the ribbed plastic protecter which has a seam/cut line along it , means the rubber pipe is not properly sealed onto the small RED plastic pipe inside, which = an Air Leak. Its crazy but true.
What where ford thinking??

3)Vacume hose comes off the bottom of the inlet manifold and goes to the pruge valve,
(the purge valve is a black plastic valve located on the right hand side of the inlet manifold, right at the back, its held by a rubber clip). There is a pipe from the pruge valve which atatches to the back of the fire wall and goes back to the top of the petrol tank.
(When the pruge valve is electrically operated it draws fuel fumes from the petol tank and into the inlet manifold to be burnt in the engine.
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