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Quick question guys, I offered 1500 for the st220, I thought it was a fair price for a car with questionable past, I don't understand why if a new engine was fitted why you would not leave it standard if you don't have all the supercharger parts? Anyway 1500 is all I'm prepared to risk. So my question is what's it worth?

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Hello Guys,

It seems i've received a few questions regarding my car that is currently advertised on eBay. Questions that are generated from members on this thread.

I will firstly say that the original question that was asked was answered as you can see above. The reply i got from member ghostdog is as above, apart from what he ommited, being 'In the words of dragons den, sorry but i'm out..... the auction is **'

When someone writes back to my perfectly reasonable answer 'THE AUCTION IS **' then that is the reason i stated that the answer does not warrant a reply from myself.

Reading this thread is pretty diappointing to say the least, I have nothing to hide regarding this car and have tried to be as open as i can and will continue to do so.

Put things into persepective here, were talking about a 9 year old car which i have advertised for what i feel is a reasonable price. Feel free to disagree though!

Regarding a few quick points made above

1. The car could be put back to standard for a minimal fee as this procharger set up is a bolt on application, (and i may look to do that if the car does not sell)

2. Regarding the 2 year time frame to fix the charger . Delivered to superchargerrebuilds in the USA on 3-08-11 ... Delivered back to me on 30-08-2013 with over 60 emails back on forth. I have documented proof of this

3. Regarding the replacement engine. I have documented proof of the replacement engine which i paid £1200 for with just over 30,000 miles on it and had it professionally replaced with a brand new clutch and slave cylinder. (which again i have documentation for) Fitting bill £800 (Reason for engine replacement is a cracked piston liner on a trip to newcastle.

4. The header tank is aftermarker and expanded due to pressure built up from the split piston liner. The grey part is a small repair to stop it leaking.

There is a full forum post regarding the car when it was originally modified which can be found here. (you need to be a member to view it) pictures of the full install are there.

Lastly, to say that i have been 'BUSTED' or similar is ridiculous, and i'd expect a little more repect than that!!! What exactly have i been busted for? I am a business owner and could continue to put the car back to its supercharged state but i don't have the time or patience anymore. If you read the advert, you will see that i talk of the fact the supercharger is no longer on the car. There is however the full kit, including an inline fuel pump, and a Procharger engine managment unit which comes into play under boost (or induction from the supercharger) The supercharger is mounted to a plate with a belt directly connected to a pulley on the crank, so it is a bolt on solution. As you will read in the advert, i state that you would need to BUY a new supercharger like a Procharger C-1 or a vortech. I would add though that in no way would i guarantee it will work as i personally have not had it working.

I take onboard some of the points above regarding photos of the engine and system components. I will re-visit my advert and see where i can make assurances and include the STOwners club forum link (which details just about everything you need to know)

Guys, this is a project for someone that knows what they are doing! Bottom line is, a second hand unit, and some professional time and the car would be magnificent! Something i no longer have the will or the time for!!

That said, any questions and i will be happy to answer.

Here are a few picks of the original install






I striped this a few years back after the owner killed the engine:-(
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